Cyris Jewels is a New York based video editor, writer and musician. He is a graduate of the Crane School of Music with a B.M. in the Business of Music. He later pursued his passion in film with the help of his engineering skills. Cyris acknowledges that his background in music adds a key element to his approach in film. 

Cyris started working in music production at Fireplace Studios, then The Foxgrove. He later attended the Manhattan Edit Workshop (MEW), which led to an opportunity with Radical Media/Outpost digital assistant editing on projects for Netflix, such as, "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman," and the National Geographic series, "Mars: Season 2."Now, Cyris freelances as an editor and has recently received notable acknowledgements for his latest project "Mirage;" an imprisoned artist who escapes the mental barriers of incarceration through dance. "Mirage" has been entered into 8 film festivals thus far; domestically and internationally. 

Cyris's long term goals is to write, produce and direct original pieces; infusing both film and music production. Skilled at the fingertips and an artist at the mind, Cyris has inherited natural talent for film and capturing the art of "the story."